Little Narcies
Little Narcies
The Vision
Little Narcies exists to support all children and young people with Narcolepsy.
We work to raise the profile of Narcolepsy and the support needed for children and young people with the condition.
We believe that young people with Narcolepsy while different and out of the ordinary can achieve extraordinary things with the right support, encouragement and belief. Each Little Narcie has unique skills and passions.
We are passionate about empowering all young people with Narcolepsy to reach their full potential by:
Offering peer support and resources to empower Little Narcies to develop their strengths and gifts and reach their potential
Supporting schools to enable Little Narcies to stay in education
Provide information and coping strategies for Little Narcies.
Life Skills for Little Narcies
Encouraging sports and fitness for Little Narcies
Raising funding for Medical Trials and Research

The number of young people being diagnosed with Narcolepsy is growing rapidly.
We aim to  partner with schools, families, NHS and other charities to create a support network that enables Little Narcies to help them to help themselves.
‘Bursting Limited Beliefs around Little Narcies so they can excel.’
‘Imagine what Little Narcies can do when they get over the
 barriers and hurdles they are struggling with.’
What we are aiming to offer:

Engaging with Others
Chat Rooms / Forums / Peer Support
Success stories / Case Studies
Creating your Support Tree and Little Narcies Empowerment Plan
Guidance and Resources for Schools
Thinking outside of the box – so Little Narcies can stay in education
Find Advocates
Sample letters
Information for Schools
Getting Involved – we want Little Narcies and their families to get involved.
Sport and Fitness
How sport and fitness supports the condition.

We are located at:

Little Narcies

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